Zombie Brushes for Clip Studio Paint


No need to wait for the zombie apocalypse. Add these wicked cool Clip Studio Paint brushes to your collection and get the apocalypse underway!



Here’s what’s included with this set of 16 Zombie Killin’ Clip Studio Paint brushes:

  • (2) Blood Drips. Zombies leave a trail of destruction behind. Wouldn’t it be nice to add that trail to your next illustration? With this pack, now you can.
  • (5) Blood Spatters. What’s a little blood spatter between zombies, right?
  • (3) Pencils. Get your zombies sketched out with these three pencil ‘brushes’.
  • (2) Crosshatch. Give your illustrations style with these two crosshatching brushes.
  • (1) Inking. All you need is a single pen—and this is the one!
  • (3) Distress. Use these distressed patterns to emphasize how dreary the apocalypse can be.