Variety Brushes for Affinity Designer


Turn your crispy-clean vectors into dirty-sketchy works of art. Download Doti's epic pack of Variety Brushes for Affinity Designer.



Take those dull, crispy-clean vectors to the next level and apply one of these epic brushes to your artwork.

Here’s what’s included with this set of 24 Affinity Designer Custom Brushes:

  • Lines. These brushes give you a hand-drawn pencil look.
  • Hatching & Shading. Create pen-perfect hatching and cross-hatching shaded areas.
  • Hair. Add some flare to those bold heads with some epic hair.
  • Teeth. Give those frowning faces a gorgeous smile with some pointy fangs.
  • Patterns. Make those flat-liners skip a beat with some pretty patterns.
  • And More. There’s even snakes and DOTIcons just for fun!