Zombie Brushes for Clip Studio Paint

Here’s what’s included with this set of 16 Zombie Killin’ Clip Studio Paint brushes:

  • (2) Blood Drips. Zombies leave a trail of destruction behind. Wouldn’t it be nice to add that trail to your next illustration? With this pack, now you can.
  • (5) Blood Spatters. What’s a little blood spatter between zombies, right?
  • (3) Pencils. Get your zombies sketched out with these three pencil ‘brushes’.
  • (2) Crosshatch. Give your illustrations style with these two crosshatching brushes.
  • (1) Inking. All you need is a single pen—and this is the one!
  • (3) Distress. Use these distressed patterns to emphasize how dreary the apocalypse can be.