About Us

DayOfTheIndie.com is a site for game designers, developers, and enthusiasts. It’s developed and maintained by indie game devs, Chris and Tammy (Hi, that’s us!). Our site has a little bit of everything: reviews, tutorials, articles, assets, links, and anything else we think might be interesting and helpful to other game designers and developers.

Meet the Makers

We are game developers, artists, storytellers, musicians, and co-founders of Day Of The Indie. We started this site because we wanted to share our experiences with other designers and developers, and with nearly four decades of experience—and that’s not even combined experience—we have a lot to share!

Chris: Paladin, Level 3

Chris knows that getting your hands dirty can lead to some epic rewards—like candy.

Tammy: Warrior, Level 7

Tammy knows the zombie apocalypse is coming, so she’s always leveling-up her combat skills.

DOTI: Robot, Max Level

DOTI is the local mascot and artificial intelligence behind Day Of The Indie.