2D Game Assets: Asteroids Retro-Pack

With this high-quality set of glowing vector-style 2D graphics pack, you can create your own retro version of a true classic: ASTEROIDS.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • Vector Design. This pack includes the Affinity Designer vector design, which allows you to customize things.
  • Pre-configured Export Persona. Easily make changes and re-export to PNG’s with the pre-configured Export Persona (included with Affinity Designer).
  • High-Resolution Exports. Each individual sprite element has been exported in the following resolutions @1x, @2x, and @3x, catering from Full-HD (1920×1080) to Retina (5760×3240). Can you imagine playing Asteroids on Retina display?! -[:)]
  • Glow & Raster Effects. Each individual sprite has a glow effect applied. There’s also a Raster Effect overlay to give you that true classic look and feel.
  • Details. You get 1 Ship, 1 Shield, 2 Aliens, 12 Unique Asteroids, 3 Bullets, 1 Raster Overlay, and 1 Smooth Background.