Quick-Tip: Create Your Own SceneKit Intro

Quick-Tip: In this quick-tip video, you’ll learn how to create a cool 3D intro using Xcode and SceneKit.


In this short video, Chris Language will teach you the following SceneKit concepts:

  • Scene Graph Layout. Learn how to construct a 3D scene, and how keep things neat and organized.
  • Node Inspector. Set basic properties like Position, Rotation, and Scale.
  • Attributes Inspector. Set custom properties on special nodes like the Floor, Plane, and Light nodes.
  • Materials Inspector. Learn how to add textures to your 3D objects, and how to tile and scale them too.
  • Lights & Shadows. Add basic lighting to your scene using the Ambient, Omni, and Spot lights.
  • Animation. Add basic animation to scenes and objects by making use of Xcode’s built-in Action Editor.
First Steps

Before watching this video, there are a few things you’ll need. Firstly, make sure you’ve got the latest version of Xcode installed. Once you have that, grab the Example Code and extract it to your hard drive. You’ll find all of the required resources in there.

Excellent! Now you’re ready to rock and roll! -[:)]

Next Steps

If you liked this video tutorial and want to learn more about Xcode and SceneKit, be sure to check out Chris’s book, 3D Apple Games by Tutorials.

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