Tutorial: Introduction To Moho – Part 02, Layers

Tutorial: In this Moho video tutorial, you’ll learn how to use this wicked cool animation tool published by Smith Micro Software. So… why choose this one? Because it has some sweet integration with Unity!

moho video tutorial


In this Moho video tutorial series, Tammy Coron teaches you how to use Moho, an animation tool published by Smith Micro Software. In Part 02, you’ll learn about:

  • The Layers Panel. Discover how to add layers, delete layers, duplicate layers, and more.
  • Layer Management. Find out how to keep layers organized using layer names and group layers.
First Steps

Before watching this Moho video tutorial, be sure to download the resource file and extract it to your hard drive. Although you don’t need this file to following along, it’s nice to have it handy should you need a reference.

Excellent! You’re ready to rock and roll! -[:)]

Next Steps

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