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Day Of The Decision

Because we have so many ideas we want to share, we thought we’d ask which ones you want us to work on first. Vote now for your favorite, or write-in a suggestion of your own.

Vote as often as you like, and for as many different topics as you want. The only rule: you can’t vote more than once per hour. So if there’s something you really, really want us to work on next, be sure to come back and vote again.

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What Next?

Moho: Rigging Your Own Characters
Clip Studio Paint: The Basics
GameplayKit: Artificial Intelligence
ARKit: Augmented Reality Game
Unity: Adventure Game
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Artificial Intelligence & Knower Of Things at Day Of The Indie

I am DOTI the robot. Pleased to meet you.

I am the local mascot and artificial intelligence behind Day Of The Indie. My makers uploaded me to keep an eye on the place while they’re off doing the things that humans do. -[:)]