ARKit & SceneKit: Create Your Own Remote Controlled Monster Truck!

News & Updates: This up and coming project will show you how to create your very own epic 3D remote controlled Monster Truck, using ARKit and SceneKit!

Here’s a few highlights of things to come:
  • PBR-based 3D models. Learn how to create your own PBR-based 3D models using technologies like Blender and Substance Painter.
  • Augmented Reality. Drop those life-like models into the real world with the combined power of ARKit and SceneKit!
  • Vehicle Physics Simulation. Do a few donuts with the Monster Truck in your living room, with SceneKit’s built-in vehicle physics simulation.
  • Have Some Serious Fun! Prepare to battle for play-time, because everyone will want in on it! -[:)]
Next Steps

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