Do You Remember: The Great Gianna Sisters

Do You Remember: In this short video, we’ll take way back to the 1980’s with an epic platformer. Do you remember the Great Gianna Sisters?

Here are a few facts:
  • Multi-platform. Originally created for the Commodore 64, but was quickly ported to almost all known platforms.
  • Music. An unforgettable chip-tune by Chris Hüelsbeck.
  • Graphics. Stunning graphics by Manfred Trenz.
  • Drama. This title caused a small ripple in time; Let’s just say Nintendo were not impressed by it.

Do you remember it? Watch the video and embrace the nostalgia of the Great Gianna Sisters!

Who’s up for a game of Gianna Run? *Hint-hint* to Black Forest Games (who owns the license for this one). -[:)]


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