Tutorial: MagicaVoxel / Introduction to 3D Design – Part 01

Tutorial: In this MagicaVoxel video tutorial, Chris gives you a basic introduction to MagicaVoxel — one of the coolest 3D authoring tools available for creating voxel graphics.

MagicaVoxel video tutorial


Do you want to create your own 3D graphics, but don’t have time to learn a monstrous 3D authoring tool? No worries! You can create 3D voxel graphics!

In this MagicaVoxel video tutorial, Chris gives you a basic introduction to MagicaVoxel. In this beginner series, you’ll start by learning about MagicaVoxel’s unique user interface. Once you’ve got the user interface covered, the rest will be child’s play.

So without further ado, it’s time to dive into the magical world of voxels:

Next Steps

Now that you learned about MagicaVoxel and it’s magical user interface, don’t stop there. Keep playing around with things, because practice makes perfect!

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